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About Brand Protection Services

Safety is our top priority.

Brand Protection Services is a team of industry veterans with decades of leadership and top-level experience with inspection equipment, manufacturing equipment and manufacturing operations.

Brand Protections Services has worked in the sales and training, quality assurance, regulatory, maintenance, and hands-on operation of X-ray machines in dozens of food manufacturing facilities since XXXX (year).

Protect Your Brand

As Plant Managers know, mistakes can occur during the manufacturing process. Once the mistake is discovered, entire batches or multiple truckloads of product may be affected, as well as your brand.

Brand Protection Services can protect your brand in many of these circumstances, and the on-hold product can be saved.

We perform the rework x-ray inspection in-house, maintaining total control during the process, protecting your Brand.

Production line worker

Quick Response

The team at Brand Protection Services assists with a quick assessment of a product rework (or recall) situation and provides everything required for a short to medium term X-ray machine rental.

X-Ray Contaminent

Technology Capabilities

We use the newest and most accurate in x-ray technologies.  We can detect components 0.8mm and smaller. Our machines detect metal, glass, bone, stone, plastic, rubber, and the smallest challenging contaminants.

Contaminated Steak Meat

Our Process

X-Ray Machine
Rent X-Ray
We Inspect
Your Products
Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Report Distributed
Your Customer and
Brand Protected

Our team works together with yours to analyze and assess the foreign matter contamination issue you may be facing. Together, we develop a plan, train your team, install the X-Ray machine, and find the contaminants. Throughout this in-depth process, your team is in control. The in-depth assessment and analysis results in a detailed summary inspection report from which your brand and customer are protected.

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