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Maintaining the safety of food is crucial to the success of the food manufacturing businesses and the health of consumers.

There is a great effort and commitment necessary to follow safety regulations by everyone involved in the food production process to keep food safe, prevent recalls, and stay in line with industry standards. BPS has processes in place for resolving food contamination issues that come up during this process. We provide an on-site X-Ray service to meet your needs and help resolve any issues you may face to protect your brand with the confidence and confidentiality you deserve.

If there is foreign contamination in your product, BPS can find it.
X-Ray Contaminent

What We Detect

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Elastomers
  • Plastic
  • Other Foreign Materials

Food Safety x-ray machine rental Services

We bring our X-Ray machines on-site, delivered to your facility, and a trained technician will facilitate all of your inspection needs.

Foreign Matter Contamination

Our X-Ray inspection machines have the ability to find all types of foreign materials in products. Detecting products as small as 0.8mm, your designated technician will monitor the detection process and determine how to best resolve your inspection needs.

Products On Hold

Validation tests are performed on product samples to confirm clean inspection. Quick delivery and evaluation help to avoid potential recalls and keeps business operations running smoothly.

Supplier Validation, Qualification & Quality Monitoring

Using a new supplier? We confirm the correct implementation of their stated quality control system. Our X-Ray inspection services can supplement your existing detection methods by providing continuous inspection of the supplier/vendor goods and performance.

Seasonal Contracts

Schedule your X-Ray inspection unit to be onsite at co-packing manufacturing facilities. Units will be held and delivered for your convenience.

Financial & Quality Assurance, Risk Management & Foreign Material Control

Analysis for total cost scenarios with food safety, quality assurance, risk mitigation and ROI preservation.

Regulatory & Compliance

BPS takes care of all state-specific paperwork for the registration and certification of your facility. We interface with state agencies directly to prepare and ensure that your facility is properly registered and certified.

Food Safety Industries

Meat and Poultry

Meat contamination is a large problem for manufacturers, and can be very costly.

In 2019, according to the USDA, there were 34 recalls due to foreign material contamination of meat and poultry totaling over 15 million pounds.

X-Ray Contaminent

Processed Food

Foreign contaminants can be found in processed foods, such as the bag of pretzels you see here.

The use of our X-Ray machines can help keep these foreign contaminants from ever leaving the facility in your products.

X-Ray Contaminent


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