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Why choose BPS for x-ray Inspection Services?

Safety is our top priority.

Brand Protection Services is a team of industry veterans with decades of leadership and top-level experience with inspection equipment, manufacturing equipment, and manufacturing operations. Our industry veterans have expertise with X-Ray equipment in the following areas:

Production Floor

One of the biggest threats to any food company is recall.

The discovery of foreign materials forcing a recall of a product produces significant and long-lasting effect on companies. Bringing in a third-party company like BPS will not only protect your brand, but also your customers. BPS is quickly becoming an industry leader in X-Ray rental and foreign matter contamination.

Contaminated Steak Meat

Protect your brand.

As plant managers know, mistakes can occur during the manufacturing process. Once the mistake is discovered, entire batches or multiple truckloads of product may be affected, as well as your brand. BPS can protect your brand in many of these circumstances and the on-hold product can be saved. We perform the work in house, maintaining total control during the process, and protecting your brand.

X-Ray Contaminent

Why Choose Brand Protection Services?


  • Quick response
  • X-Ray machine rentals delivered to your facility in 1 to 2 days


  • Save the cost of shipping your product to another facility
  • Recover product and profits


  • Foreign material contaminations detected as small as 0.8mm
  • Detect the smallest challenging contaminants

Foreign Matter Retrieval

  • Locate and extract foreign material contaminants
  • Share our data in detailed reports


  • Confidential process
  • Protecting your brand reputation

Location & Capacity

  • Ship X-Ray rental equipment directly to you
  • Location doesn't matter
  • We can handle any size project


  • Utilize the newest in X-Ray technology
  • Accurate and sensitive X-Ray detection
  • Upgrade from metal detection


  • 63.1 million tons of food waste was generated in 2018
  • We have a goal to limit the amount of waste
  • Reworking products after foreign material contamination

Success Stories

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Our metal detector and X-Ray machine both went down on a Thursday afternoon. Brand Protection Services was able to ship a replacement X-Ray machine out on Friday for Monday delivery and we were back up running in line by Tuesday... amazing!
I had an opportunity to purchase a significant amount of raw material across an extended period of time and there was no way to truly visually inspect that material or alleviate all of my concerns with a metal detector. Brand Protection Services was able to get me a machine within a week to run a representative sample of several lots so that I could make an informed and validated decision based on true observations into the raw material (and not just visual inspection). Due to the quick response time and accurate readings, I would use BPS again for future X-Ray rentals.
We were very surprised at the results of using Brand Protection Services to screen our finished product. As a meat processor, it’s not about whether or not you will find anything in your product flow.  It’s how much, what size and whether or not it’s a hazard to the consumer or the brand. We were quite impressed.
The CAPEX on a new machine was a significant amount to our plant to agree to without identifying the true value of the machine and how it would protect our product and our company. A 4-week rental allowed us to get a strong sense of how critical it is to our processing line and made it a very simple decision to purchase as a result.
We were awarded co-pack business for a large manufacturer and did not currently employ an X-Ray step in our process.  Brand Protection Services was able to get us going within 2-weeks. This allowed us to get started immediately while procurement worked on purchasing several units. We recommend Brand Protection Services for any large manufacturer who is need of a quick start or has an equipment failure.
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